Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Human’s natural rights are fought hard for and create much controversy. As the great Nelson Mandela once said , “To deny people their natural rights is to challenge their very humanity.” In Fahrenheit 451 the author, Ray Bradbury, portrays a world in which these rights are denied.This is considered to be a dystopia and it is seen throughout novel by the censorship on people's actions, lack of intimate relationships, and a state of constant warfare.
Part one of Bradbury’s novel shows a dystopian society due to the censorship by the government placed on the people in part one. For example, the people of the society are only told what their rulers want them to know, which is generally false information. According to Montag, it states in a rule
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When the bombs began to drop, it was mentioned that “the war began and ended in an instant” (Bradbury 151). The reason behind the bomb was never mentioned, however, the bombs wiped out the entire society that was in the city at the time the bombs dropped. This was not the first time the city was wiped out so this is something that is constantly happening. Similar to a phoenix, the people are continually being destroyed in fire and are reborn only to rebuild from scratch. If books were not burned in the society, then people could learn from their mistakes and not keep being destroyed. The constant warfare is something could be prevented but because it isn’t, the society in Fahrenheit 451 will remain dystopian.
In a dystopia, traits such as conformity, lack of relationships, and constant warfare are often found. It is in an attempt to create a perfect society but often does the exact opposite. Conformity ruins independence by forcing people to follow all the same rules and thus makes it impossible to be unique. Additionally, lack of relationships creates lack of love and warfare makes change impossible because people are not learning from past mistakes. In effort to make things better dystopias end up destroying themselves and only make matters a lot worse. This is what life has become in the society of Fahrenheit