What Is The Best Way To Cause Change

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What is the Best Way to Cause Change? As eight grade students, the thought that our ideas which we will one day share with others might have a dramatic impact on history seems very preposterous. This may be because it is extremely challenging to get one’s ideas noticed by eminent members of society, especially if those ideas happen to be contradictory to humanity’s conventional habits or way of life. Causing change is a strenuous and involved task, but the impacts that come as a result are almost always worthwhile. The best ways to cause such change are to have a clear idea of what needs to be changed, and to remain non-violent in your approach. Out of all the multifarious ways to cause change, I think the starting point to great success is to have a clear idea of what you want to change in mind. Martin Luther King Jr, for example, wanted to change the way blacks were treated and stop segregation in the USA. He was very successful in making a change in society because King knew exactly what he wanted to do, and people respected him because he had a plan in mind and knew how he was going to carry it out. Along with knowing exactly what you want to change, to be non violent in your actions is another way to cause change. If you show that you want change and you express so in a peaceful way, you are more likely to get a positive reaction from people who may support your cause. The African Americans were non-violent during the Civil Rights Movement to show that change can