Channels and Magazines Essay

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Have you ever been flipping through a magazine or flipping through the channels on the television and stopped on a dime because you saw an advertisement that really caught your eye and made you want to know more about what you saw? On the inside cover of the April 30, 2012 issue of OK! Magazine you will find an advertisement for SKYY INFUSIONS Natural Coconut Vodka. This advertisement is the first thing that you see when you open the magazine. It is a very eye catching advertisement, using colors that contrast and pop off of the page. When you are looking at this advertisement it makes you thirsty for the drink in the photo, and it makes you think that there is a party going on that you want to join. The vodka that the advertisement is advertising and the woman in the advertisement are targeting men and woman. The Campari America Company is making the argument that this vodka is rated number one in taste. This SKYY Vodka advertisement is one that pops off of the page. When you are looking at the photo you can see; a dark blue vodka bottle, with half a coconut that looks like it was just dropped into the liquid on the front of the bottle, two tan women, one on each side posed to where you can only see their hips, one pouring the vodka out of the coconut into the martini glass that the other woman is holding, and the background is a darker yellow color that makes everything in the foreground stand out. When you see this ad you can envision yourself at a party on the beach surrounded by a ton of beautiful people all drinking this drink. The photo leaves room for the reader to put a face on the women in the picture, making it easy for the readers to picture themselves and/or their friends as the people in the ad.
While reading the words under the picture they say, “Introducing the Coconut Vodka Rated #1 in Taste,” and under that it says, “Join the party at” After reading these words you can infer that this is the ultimate party vodka. Everyone likes to party every once in a while and this ad is saying, “When you go to a party make sure you have me, I am the perfect party drink. If you drink me at a party you are guaranteed to have a great time with all kinds of beautiful people.” This advertisement is targeting both men and women, but in different ways. This advertisement is a good example of how companies use sex appeal to get people to stop what they are doing and look at an advertisement. For a man looking at this advertisement, he is going to stop and look at the advertisement because of the two beautiful women standing beside the vodka bottle. A man is going to see this ad and think to himself, “man I wish I could be that vodka bottle, and be wedged between two beautiful women like that.” Then the next time he goes to the liquor store he is going to purchase this vodka to take to a party thinking I can get beautiful woman to surround me because I brought this vodka. Women are a different story. A woman will stop at this advertisement in the magazine not because of the women, although a woman will take note that there are two beautiful woman in the photo, but because of the colors that are eye catching and because a woman will look at the vodka and think, “Oh, that looks so yummy! I have to try that the next time I have a drink” Then the next time this woman goes to the liquor store she will purchase this vodka because of how realistic the fruit looks on the bottle in the advertisement. Men and woman will look at this ad and see two different things but the end result will be the same, they will purchase this vodka simple for the experience they have in their head when they see this advertisement. This ad has made it clear that it is not gender specific vodka, anyone can drink it.
This advertisement appeals more to men than to woman. A woman may look at this ad and think, “Oh, that looks so yummy,” but some woman may look at this ad and pass right by it because of the women in the photo. A