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Union’s Demands: 1) 9 % wage increases
We are offering: A) Year one = 1% B) Year two = 2% C) Year three = 2.5% D) we will be moving away from the $0.15 night / shift pay differential; instead employees will be given a $0.25 night / shift pay differential E) Employess will have 2 days off a week plus they will gain overtime pay in the 4 day 12 hour work week.

Maria’s Thoughts (Article V)

Because of the 24/7 operating hours – I am not for giving them overtime after 8 hours of work per day instead sell them on our initial demand item “e” above.
Tonya’s Thoughts…
I agree with “Maria’s thoughts”. Will we at this point tell them we will forego our 5% increase??

☆☆ we may want to have a back up of 2, 2.5, & 3 percent increases. or we could start with the 2.5% and decrease, 2% in year 2 and %1 in year 3... just a thought. it gives them a little more up front.
Also, they gain one week of let month with the new schedule. ..
Scott’s thoughts:
Please look at the work schedule, there are not two days off per week, there are either 1,3, or 7 days off per week
I would definitely vote against a 9% increase. It might be a good idea to go with the biggest increase in the first year, provided the financials allow for that.

2) Paid time off: Holidays being paid individually and not included in down time: We are okay with this part – but as we stated in our demands

If an employee’s day off falls on a holiday – no added pay or compensation will be given.

We are proposing to give them:

a) Thanksgiving and the day after (two days they want) b) Christmas (they already get Christmas and Christmas Eve – see ARTICLE XI)
The above will be given with the understanding that employees will;

Maria’s thoughts on item #2 :

According to article XI they get six (6) holidays and 2 misc. days; if we give them the day after Thanksgiving and labor day that will be 8 days.

I am good with this if they are willing to take the 40 hour bonus pay in lieu of sick days. (see article x)

We agreed/discussed that only ½ or 50% of employees would be willing to take off on either holiday / they alternative between the two holidays every year thereafter. (we may need to reword this)
Tonya’s Thoughts: (wording suggestion)
The company will grant two more vacation days to their employees 1) day after Thanksgiving and 2) Labor Day for 50% of employees at one time. Employees will alternate between the holidays every year, allowing the plant to stay open. (2 Misc. days will not be given)

☆☆ we could offer either/or. gove them the choice of misc. Days or splitting the holidays

I agree with Tonya, we should eliminate the two discretionary days and make them the days Tonya has listed. This way we know when the days will be taken off instead of the employees taking the days when they want to. This was we can eliminate paying any unnecessary overtime.
We need to push the fact that if we pay everyone the 40 hrs bonus pay even those employees that don’t normally take off will benefit.

3) We are okay with this one – we have to be compliant with Federal Mandates regarding FLMA

4) Health Benefits (hb) (Article IX)

They want us to pay 100% hb for f/t employees and pay 50% for p/t employees

We are proposing a HMO:

a) Current healthcare plan will cost $3,500.00 scheduled to increase 10%
Annually and compounded over the next three years: b) Increases will 3% annually and compounded over three year s with a $500.00 deductible

Maria’s thoughts on item #4

We need to sell the HMO 3% with the deductible, and continue with…