Chapter 1 Journal Essay

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Jasmine Peterson
Simone Mullinax
Chapter 1 Journal

Chapter one was an Introduction to Human Communication. There was a lot of important information and facts that helped you get a good background so that you understand further chapters in the book. It explains the importance of human communication as well as breaking down what it is, as well as successful ways to have effective human communication. The communication process is made up of seven parts. The parts consists of message creation, meaning creation, setting, participants, channel, noise, and feedback. I personally knew communication as verbal and nonverbal of course, but this chapter goes into details and really helped me have a better understanding. I am usually pretty well when communicating verbally and non-verbally. I try to listen and take others opinions into consideration and I try to speak clearly and make sure what I said is being understood. Something that is important in having Effective communication is body language. I myself tend to struggle with body language. Sometimes I find myself with more of a serious face at times and people think that I am angry when I am not. Or, for example, during interviews for jobs I tend to get nervous and look away instead of having eye contact. Unfortunately, I have been turned down for a job because of this and they were honest and told me that is why I did not get the position.
The biggest section that I was not very educated on before reading this chapter would be the section talking about communication