I Am Standing At A High B In Statistics

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Take 3
1. I am standing at a high B in Statistics. There are four classes left, two assignments, two quizzes and a final. I must do something about it before it’s too late.
2. The only solution to my problem is getting at least 90 on all five.

Think Fast
1. He should start by going to the various college open houses. There, he will have access to a lot of information about possible majors. I would also recommend that he go speak with an advisor. There are general advisors that will know all information pertaining to the different colleges an major options. Then he could go see an advisor in the individual colleges to see if the majors the individual colleges offer are right for him.
2. He should begin by writing down his skills and likes and dislikes. This will be groundwork that will help him and his advisor start looking for the right major for Brandon. He should ask specific questions or concerns when they are going through majors. For example, if they are looking at Computer Science as a possible major, and Brandon is not very analytical, he is more of an artist type, he should ask if CS is a possibility for him. Brandon can choose which ever major he wants, but in the end, it is him who will have to do the coursework.
3. The problem is trying to find the right major for Brandon. The advisor will have all pertinent information with regards to possible majors. We need to build a plan to choose the right major: talk with supervisor, review possible majors, decide on at least 3, go to the individual colleges and seek more information, decide on one, change your major. Once you have made the plan and carried it out, evaluate the results: was