Chapter 2 Essay

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The Europeans have been coming to the Americas since the late 1400s. As time passed, the big nations in the European continent ended up colonizing the Americas. The big nations that included France, England, Portugal, Spain, and the French decided the Americas were useful for more than just colonization; they were useful for resources and new ideas. There were trade between the Natives and Europeans that caused big epidemic problems, colonization that led to new races, different economical ideas that formed, and both helped shape and destroy each other. As the Europeans invaded and started to colonize, they did not only bring food, equipment, and the thought of trade with the Natives, they also brought disease. Some nations like England, wanted to trade and keep peace with the Indians, but as the nations started to trade, they spread diseases into the Americas. As the Natives had never seen these types of diseases, the Native American population began to decrease dramatically. The primary diseases that were spread were epidemic diseases such as influenza, plague, smallpox, measles, and typhus. Since the natives had no antibodies to help protect them, people became sick, which made them not be able to retaliate and fight back the colonization. In each side of the continent, the disease spread equally as each of the European nations came to colonize. In the South, Spain attacked with force, and killed a lot of people as they were weakened by diseases. However the English traded and made peace with them, and the trading lead to the disease. The diseases in the Americas spread and killed about 90% of the Natives, and it spread ahead of the Europeans as the Europeans had a somewhat antibody defense to the disease. The Americas’ populations were created by a more complex story than the Europeans colonizing and wiping out the Natives with diseases and force. The Europeans that colonized the Americas were English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. The English and French came to the Americas as conquest, to seek out more land, to find out what is beyond the seas. They traded, and made peace with each other and left each other alone after the discovery of each other. However, the Spanish and Portuguese attacked different civilizations in the tropics, such as the Aztecs for their riches of gold and silver. At first, they attacked looking for spices, pepper and salt. As the Spanish colonized the Aztecs, the Spanish began to produce children with the Aztecs, which created a new set of people called the Mestizos. The Mestizo population was created when the Spanish attacked the Aztecs. As they invaded in search for riches, gold and silver, they decided to take over the civilization and make it into theirs. As they took over, the civilization of the Aztecs became a part of the Spanish empire, which soon came the crossing of races, the Spanish and Natives, which were called the Mestizos. The contact with the natives helped change the Europeans in many ways. The Natives gave them food, supplies, and land for the Europeans. Even though some nations attacked and forcibly took land, some stayed peaceful and traded. From the New world, the Americas, the Natives gave the European something called “miracle crops”. These “miracle crops” were potatoes and maize (corn). Even though the potatoes were a bit small, they helped the Europeans help eat for a longer amount of time. The contact with the Europeans helped change the natives also. The Europeans, in exchange for the crops and some animals, gave them back a lot of things too. The Europeans gave them sugar, rice, and coffee in exchange for the miracle crops. They also gave them horses, which gave the natives more power and travel time. It helped changed the lives of nomadic hunters in the Americas. The natives also started to invade each other after getting the weapons and equipment that helped them become stronger tribes. However, they also gave them something bad; they gave them