Chapter 2 Essay

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• Second Task: Answer the next questions

1. How is the work of HR practitioners and operating managers similar to that of physicians who conduct a diagnosis before treating a patient?

The problems also be examined throughout a careful diagnosis using The ARDM (A=acquiring, R=rewarding, D=developing, M=maintaining and protecting). This model with a strategic focus can help operating managers focus on a set of relevant factors; you can see the whole picture or parts of it.

2. The productivity of the workplace is essential for the success of an organization. What HRM activities and programs can impact productivity?

Specific activities and practices can improve individual performance and consequently
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10. Was Martha’s leadership style at National Pancake House 827 effective? Why?

Yes. Because she heard the opinions of the persons implicated and use the ARDM model to determine which decision choose. Also, she involved the other employees; giving them empowerment over their position, and took a decision while respect their feelings. She was able to get another cook for less salary, motivate Lenny and the other employees and maintain a great environment at their job. This is a great example of what Human Resources can do.



1. What will organizations have to do to adapt to the influx of needed Generation Y individuals?

First of all, I think that they have to establish the limits of what they can or can’t do at the company. In society we have rules and procedures to follow to better get along with everyone. Even so, the managers will be challenged to minimized the friction between the generations and maximize the assets of their work values and styles simultaneously.

2. Is Generation Y really that different than previous generations that entered the workforce in large numbers? Explain.

Yes. Because that generation has been coddled and