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Nicos Rivera
Chapter 26 Notes/Vocab Vocab
Fort Laramie Treaty – A way that the federal government tried to appease the Plains Indians in 1851 and at Fort Atkinson in 1853.
Little Bighorn – A rare Indian victory in the Plains wars in 1876 when th General Custard 7 cavalry was slaughtered.
Homestead Act – In 1862, allowed a settler to acquire as much as 160 acres of land by living on it for 5 years and improving the land.
Grange Laws – tried to force public control of private business for the general welfare. The grangers influence faded after courts reversed their laws.

Clash of cultures
● Soldiers spread cholera, typhoid, and smallpox to the Indians
● Feds tried to appease Indians by signing treaties at Fort Laramie and Fort
● Marked the beginning of the reservation system
● 1860’s government grouped Plains Indians into smaller plots of land.

Receding Native Population

● Sand Creek, Colorado militia killed 400 innocent Indians
● Sioux war party killed captain William J Fettermans soldiers and civilians in Wyoming’s bighorn mountains

End of the Trail
● Helen Hunt published a century of dishonor and Ramona
● Dawes Act was attempt at trying to assimilate Native Americans into
American customs
● Basis of governments official Indian policy until the Indian Reorganization
Act of 1934
● Carlisle Indian School of 1879

The Farmers Frontier
● Much of the land given by Homestead Act had bad soil and whether had no rain many homesteaders were forced to give their land back to the government. th
● 100 meridian was imaginary line from Dakotas to Texas
● Separated the wet east from the dry west
● Dry farming was practice of using shallow cultivation to grow crops in the west ● Tough strains of wheat flourished in the west

Far West
● 1889­1890, 6 new states (ND, SD, MR, WA, ID, WY)
● Oklahoma sooner state…