Chapter 3 Assignment Essay

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Chapter 3 Assignment

1. Their reactions on finding out they were going to be parents? Very shocked and scared but at the same time happy. They knew they had received a gift and that they were going to gave to make some big changes.

2. Their feelings and reactions as the pregnancy progressed? They had their ups and downs, at one point the male had moved out for a couple months because he couldn’t handle the mood swings. But he later moved back in and learned to deal with it.

3. Reactions of the baby's other parent and of family and friends? Their family wasn’t to pleased actually they didn’t think they were fit to be parents. But the baby’s other parent was really excited and so was their friends people were already starting savings accounts for the child.

4. The nature of their prenatal care (you should be able to stem from this question, after reading the chapter) Typical, often doctor visits. She took prenatal vitamins along with eating very healthily and nutritional with a lot of home cooked meals and protein. Then she took off from work during the pregnancy to insure she experienced no stress.

5. The types of care and interactions their children required at carious times: birth, toddlerhood, 2 and 8? A lot of dentist visits for her teeth and along with often doctor checkups. At once the child experienced a serious injury, a broken arm at the age of 7.

6. A typical day as a parent? Dropping off the child at school and going to work getting off in time to clean the house and pick up the child from school. Then help the child with their homework while getting…