Character Analysis: The Glass Castle

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Everyday in life people face changes that make them question their strengths. In the novel “The Glass Castle” Jeanette and her siblings’ faith is tested through their parents mistakes.

Some people say there are some challenges in life you can’t face for example, in the book “The Glass Castle” Rex is known for being an alcoholic and always being absent in his children's lives. For instance, it is mentioned how Rex comes and goes as he pleases,however when he is present in their household he is unfortunately passed out drunk or just bring useless. Even though these events occur Rex’s actions speak louder than words in which he dreams of building “the glass castle” a house with glass walls with everything they could possibly wish of having. Consequently, he could never sustain a permanent job ,leaving Jeanette and her siblings starving for a few days. This effected the children having to attend to school with no lunch and having to dig for leftovers after school. In which resulted as Rex being a failure at being a parent and never accomplished his dream.
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For example, they both ended up joining Jeannette in New York where they overcame their challenges and both became successful. Consequently, Brian enforced in the police department and became certified policeman while Lori became a freelance artist and for Jeannette she got a full time job with a magazine. Proving their parents wrong was a satisfying result in their lives. Even though Rex hated the idea of police and even worse his son one of them deep down inside he was proud. Over all, having disadvantages has its positive outcomes like Jeannette later in life became an author and published this novel “The Glass Castle” demonstrating her perspective on the way her destiny was driven by her parents. Like my mom says “ Everything happens for a reason, no matter what happens believe in