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“Do not forget to complete your Bell ringer.”
“At the end of class, I will be collecting your exit slips.”

BELL RINGER? EXIT SLIP? What is that supposed to mean? You are now living in the educational world of ETO. According to the official school district website for the Education Transformation Office (, ETO was developed to serve schools designated as by the state of federal government as “persistently lowest-achieving”. The website says that the Education Transformation Office is made up of practitioners who were teachers, dynamic instructional coaches, and instructional leaders that have successfully worked in high-poverty schools and have a proven record of improving student achievement. There are different ways a school can be placed in ETO.You might be a school identified by the state as being in the “Lowest 100 Performing Elementary Schools”, a school that received a “D” or “F” grade in 2012, a school that received a “C” grade in 2012 but would have received a “D” if not held harmless by the state, or a fragile “C” Schools that earned a “D” in at least one of the three previous years. Many wonder what caused our school to become part of ETO. Dr. Prakash, assistant principal, said, “Due to our lower test scores from last year, our school’s overall grade dropped from a B to a C.” Ms. Quinaz, English 2 and Introduction to Education teacher, however, points out a fine distinction. “We are not an official ETO school, but we are following procedures so we can prevent further changes. Our test scores affected our school. If you look at our scores, we are in the bottom 25% percentile compared to other schools.” Some teachers and administrators like how ETO is changing Miami High. Dr. Prakash said, “ETO has been very positive so far, supportive and explicit. They are not trying to fix the school overnight, but they are going with a systematic approach to the school’s improvement.” Ms. Quinaz said, “Even though I am a veteran teacher, I can always learn something new. This is a learning experience, and I’m learning how to be more an effective teacher.” Mr. Fertil, English 2 teacher, said, “I think the change is good. The minute the students enter the classroom, they are aware of the expectations. They should be accountable for what’s expected of them. When students know they’re held accountable for their work, they rise to the occasion and