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Character Essay My best friend’s name is Eryn. She was born in Spokane, Washington and still currently lives there. We met while we were attending Cooper Elementary, in the 2nd grade, we both competed in a coloring contest and have been best friends since. I have known her for 10 years now. Eryn has long brown hair, brown eyes, she's 5 feet 8 inches tall and has dimples, shes moderately tan all year long because she is of mexican descent. Her every day outfit usually consists of sweatshirts, t shirts, american eagle jeans and her cowgirl boots. She does not have a job but when she dresses up for special occasions she dresses to impress.
She is far from the average teenage girl, she constantly is striving for success! Eryn has built a act around the mannerisms she’d picked up from her older sister. Some of her hobbies is she loves to play volleyball, She loves going to concerts, she races dirt bikes, riding horses. Her favorite football team is the green bay packers, she wants to be a registered nurse when she grows up. She can't do anything without a well thought out organized list, she has to be in control of what's going on and when things are going to happen. Once she sets her mind to something she will accomplish it. She always knows how to have a good time and keeps everything up beat.
Eryn is very outgoing, she could be put in a crowd of 50 new people and not have any issues on making new friends. She is really funny and can make you laugh so hard you start