Chavez: Migrant Worker and Cesar Chavez Essay

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Reuben Garcia
Professor Tuyay
History 101
April 29th, 2014
Cesar Chavez
The movie Cesar Chavez is a very powerful movie. It shows how Cesar who is portrayed by Michael Pena becomes the leader that he’s still known for today. It depicts the struggles he went through and all his hardships that he met on the way. Cesar Chavez was a great leader for the Mexican population. He gave them a voice and he wouldn’t let powerful men stop him.
Cesar Chavez was born in 1927 and was a farm worker himself. He started working in the 7th grade because he could not stand the sight of seeing his mother work to provide for him. He quit school and became a full-time migrant farm worker. Chavez worked in the fields until 1952 where he then joined an activist group called CSO which fought the Mexican rights. He worked there to try and restore the Mexican populating and try to solve their problems. He was not respected at first because people did not take him seriously. Cesar Chavez did not become the man he is today until he started his own program. He created a group called the National Farm Workers Association in order to try and better the working conditions in the fields. He did not like the way the Mexican community was treated and soon after found out that he was not alone. African Americans, Filipinos, Mexican Americans, and even whites joined Cesar in changing the poor working conditions. Cesar’s main goal was to gain respect for all farm workers by simply providing the bare necessities to them. He wanted companies to give farmworkers fresh water to drink, bathrooms in fields, and one of the main reasons, actually a decent pay. In the movie Cesar Chavez…