Cheating: Question and Multiple-choice Tests Essay

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Cheating When in college people face a multitude of different temptations, be it for good or bad. One of the hardest temptations to resist is undoubtedly the enticement of cheating. Students are constantly being offered the opportunity to cheat whether it is on tests, quizzes, or homework. Sometimes the teachers make it almost too easy. They do things such as handing out multiple-choice tests with no variation, and leaving the room for minutes at a time. With homework, a student can usually type the first question into Google, and a page with all of the answers will come up. More often than one would think, teachers repeat their tests each semester without changing them, so when a student is lucky they can get a copy of the test with all the answers and eliminate the need to study completely. These are just a fraction of the ways students have learned to cheat. The fact is the opportunity is everywhere, all the time. When cheating is made so easy, a student can be left with the question of why not to cheat. It is undoubtedly the easy way out and with all the stresses that come along with college, having one less homework to do or one less test to cram for definitely sounds inviting. The fact of the matter remains however; that cheating can be one of the most dangerous things a student can do in college. Nearly every University has a no tolerance policy, meaning if you are caught once you face a very high risk of getting kicked out of school. If this is the case, suddenly all those stresses of homework and tests you were trying to avoid begin to seem miniscule. Speaking from personal experience, my friend began attending the University of Maryland in 2011 and was forced to leave that same year. He decided he would team up with a partner and they would split the work for a test, one studying for the first chapter and one studying for the second chapter. During…