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AP Chemistry 2012-2013


Unit Test #1 – Summer Assignment Test

80 points

Directions: For all questions involving calculations please apply significant figures (+ or – one)
Section 1 – Memorization

Give the formula and charge on a cyanide ion _________________ 2pts
Give both formulas for the acetate ion __________ and ___________
How many oxidation states does nitrogen ion make __________2pts
Give all the oxidation states of a Chloride Ion ___________________2pts
List the 6 six strong acids you were supposed to memorize. Give the name and formula of each. 6pts






6) Determine using your solubility rules if the following are soluble or not by writing soluble or insoluble. 1pt each
a. CaSO4 ___________


ZnS _______________

b. NaNO3_____________

g. CsI ________________

c. AlBr3 ______________

h. NaCH3COO ________________

d. Cr(OH)3 _______________


CaCO3 _________________

e. NH4Cl _______________


PbCl __________________

Section 2 – Nomenclature
Give the name or the formula for the following compounds. 1pt each
Magnesium Fluoride ______________


Manganese (VI) Oxide ____________

Zn(NO3)2 ______________

Mercury (I) Bromide ____________

NO ________________

Dinitrogen pentaoxide ___________

CuSO4 * 5H2O _______________

Potassium Permanganate ____________

CdI2 ________________

Silver Hydroxide ____________

CBr4 ________________

Section 3 – Basic Conversions and calculations
Give the correct answer to the correct number of significant figures 2pts
4.2 x 6.26

Determine the Molar Weight of NaCl using your periodic table given to correct number of decimal places ______________2pts
Using the molar weight above determine the number of moles of NaCl in 18.23 grams 2pts


Section 4 – Basic Stoichiometry
The following questions deal the reactions given below. If the reaction is done or balanced incorrectly it will not result in your ability to earn the remaining points within the question. Please give all answers to the correct number of significant figures.
Magnesium when added to acid results in the production of hydrogen gas and magnesium chloride
____Mg(s) +

____ HCl(aq)


___H2(g) +

_____ MgCl2(aq)

a) Balance the reaction: 3pts
b) Using your balanced reaction above determine the limiting and excess reagent if 30.0 grams of Magnesium is combined with 40.0 grams of Hydrochloric acid. Justify your answers with work shown below. 8pts
Limiting Reagent ____________________
Excess Reagent _____________________