Chevrolet Case Analysis Essay

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Chevrolet: 100 Years of Product Innovation
Marketing Strategy Case Analysis
Megan Byas
November 21, 2014
Advance Marketing Strategy

Introduction: Chevrolet It is not uncommon nowadays in our business industry for products and services to be created merely out of competition with an existing product or service. In the historical case of
Chevrolet, they were one of the original companies to be created out of competition in 1911 against Ford Motor Company. Ousted by his initially founded company, William Durant made
Chevrolet his primary focus in soon creating different vehicle models. The brand named after a top racer, Louis
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From the very beginning of the establishment of the company, Ford Motor Company has been one of the key threats to Chevrolet’s success. Competing in the same industry for the same market of consumers, makes every marketing strategy move that more precise. Ford has a slightly longer history of existence than Chevy, with also a slightly higher accreditation as an
American automaking brand. Their family branding approach makes them even stronger with the attachment of consumers to their Ford brand. Another threat (and weakness) of the company, is their alliance and association with GM.
Chevrolet’s attachment to GM has Chevy suffering unintended consequences. For example, the
2008 bankruptcy and bailout was not only a bad look for GM but Chevrolet as well. And now another bad unintended consequence has happened to Chevrolet through their association with

GM earlier 2014 has had to recall 2.6 million small cars for defective ignition switches.
Information from the AdAge article suggests that Chevrolet is not handling the crisis as effectively as they should, “
The very public nature of the recalls, including the 2.6 million small cars recalled for defective