Volkswagen Market Research Essay

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Executive summary
Volkswagen is one of the biggest German automobiles manufacturing company, which operate all over the world. The main aim of the company is to become the first automobile manufacturer by 2018 and India became one of the key “element” in this strategy, since India the second fastest growing automobile market. Volkswagen India operates since 2001 when they presented Skoda brand to the Indian car market.

For the following research was implemented realism philosophy, which means that both positivism and interpretivism approaches were used. The main tool, which was used in this particular research, was secondary data, as India country was chosen as a research area, so collecting primary data was
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The first brand the Volkswagen group offered to Indian customers was Skoda, after Skoda in 2007 company introduced Audi, VW and Bentley.
Product differentiation Golf Passat Jetta

Phaeton Touareg New Beetle

September 2012 Volkswagen Group decided to invest in India car market 100 million euros next two months. It should be mentioned that company already has facilities in Maharashta and Aurangabad. Market share of Volkswagen India is near to 3%, as it said before company aim is to archive 7 per cent of the market share, targeting all segments the aim is going to be achieved (Financial Express 2013).
Writing about promotion should be remind that Volkswagen group India using print media in order to have more communication with the customers, implement television commercials for the stronger brand awareness, also company collaborated with the DDB Mudra (Indian’s biggest marketing communication and services network). Also successfully was implemented the social networks communication like: “instagram”, “utube”, “facebook” and linked in.
The sales of Volkswagen India increased by 12 percent while year on year sales decreased by 12 percent. The information given below shows that in October 2012 VW sold 5607 units while in November 2012 was sold 5681 units. In March 2013 sold