Child Abuse Essay

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Child Abuse
I am 100% against child abuse, and people that abuse their children in any way. There are four major categories of child abuse: neglect, physical abuse, psychological/emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. Parents, adults, caregivers, or whoever the person may be that are abusing children in any way possible are more likely to have been abused themselves in some way as children. This still does not give anyone the right to continue the horrible act of abuse on innocent children. My way of discipline is giving time outs which seem to work really well for me as a nanny/babysitter. I will never spank, smack, hit, punch, push, scream at, or talk bad to a child no matter if it’s my own child, or someone else’s. Abuse affects children mentally and physically. I was personally mentally abused as a child/teenager by my step-dad, it was the worst feeling ever and it is still stuck in my head now as an adult, how he talked to me and treated me because I wasn’t his “real” daughter. I do not have any children of my own, but I am getting married in less than four months and my fiancé has 2 daughters, I love them more than life itself. I treat them like they are my own. Their own mother has a total of 8 kids and lost custody of 3 of the children to the state, she doesn’t work, never has worked, doesn’t support the children, and she screams at them like they are nothing, she mentally/emotionally abuses them. Each time she has a new baby she pushes the others away and only pays attention to the baby until it is about 6 months old and then starts treating the baby the same way as the other children. She is only 27 years old. Her son, who is now a year old was lying on the floor crying because he was sick and didn’t feel good and she was yelling at him telling him to “Shut the f*** up!” I have also seen (and documented) bruises on one of my step-daughters’ in places she shouldn’t have bruises, I had my fiancé report plenty of different incidents that have gone on but Child Protective Services(CPS) hasn’t done anything