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Child Abuse: A modern slavery.


This research paper explores the vast topic of child abuse as a problem solving essay. It first looks at the statistical evidence that prove that child abuse is an important issue in America. Then, after defining and describing each of the four main types of child abuse, the paper focuses on it possible causes. Afterwards, the paper lists some of the major consequences that child abuse has on children to end by providing some therapeutic strategies and other solutions to help children heal the scars that child abuse has left on them.

One day, a woman was driving her male coworker to his house in San Jose. CA, when the man thought he heard what sounded to him like a child lamentation. Trying to find out where the sound was coming from, he looked in the back seat and didn’t find anything. He, then looked at her coworker who seemed stressed and tuned up the radio to lessen the sound. Since the sound persisted though, the man called the police who arrested the woman for maltreatment of her two kids of seven and five years old that revealed the police that their mother used to lock them up in the trunk of her car when she went to work (Gerdes, 2011, p1). This story described as “almost unbelievable” by a Sergeant at San Jose Police Department is an American reality. In fact, these two kids are only an example of the 899, 000 children that are victims of abuse in the United States (Child abuse statistics, 2008, p1). This number is just estimation. The real number of maltreated children in the United States might be even higher due to the fact that most perpetrators do not declare it. Thus, it is crucial that people know that child abuse is a serious problem that is the result of several things but which lasting and harmful effects on children; however, can be healed.

Child abuse is a serious problem in America. First because it concerns a huge portion of children in this country. In fact, more than three million of child abuse cases are reported annually (National Child abuse statistics, 2011, p1), however, the number reports do not correspond to the number of abused children. Generally, child abuse reports involve more than two children at a time (National Child abuse statistics, 2011, p1). Therefore, the exact number of abused children may double or triple if estimations are based on the reports. For example; in 2009, 3.3 million of child abuse reports concerned around 6 million children (Child abuse statistics, 2008, p1). Moreover, child abuse is a problem because it can lead to death. According National Child abuse Statistics almost 5 children die every day due to child abuse. In addition, an estimate 60-85 % of death as a result of child abuse is not reported (National Child abuse statistics, 2011, p1). This means that the actual number of death due to child abuse might be even higher. Some other worrying statistics show that deaths due to child abuse have increase overtime. In 1995; for example, 3.33 children died every day because of child abuse (National Child abuse statistics, 2011, p1). In 2003, this number was 4.11. Today it is 4.82(National Child abuse statistics, 2011, p1). Thus statistical evidence show that child abuse is not only a serious problem but it is also increasing.

Simply said, Child abuse is the bad treatment of a child under the age of 18 by a parent caretaker, someone living in their home or someone who works with or around children. Abuse of a child is anything that causes injury or puts the child in danger, and it can take many forms. However, emotional, physical, sexual and neglect are the main types of child abuse. For one, emotional abuse toward a child is the behavior that harm a child sense of worth or it emotional comfort. For example; insulting, holding back