Child Abuse Research Paper

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Research Paper – Child Abuse
Prof. Thomas Cooper
GEN 499 – General Education Capstone
Final Re
November 10, 2014

FINAL RESEARCH PAPER – CHILD ABUSE The final research paper topic is on the “Child Abuse”. There are 4 questions that are to be answered and how this topic will impact others and how we might deal with this topic in our own community. The issue that I will be writing about and referring to is Child Abuse and at the end of review I will post my 3 sources that I used. Child Abuse has many forms and many conditions, and it has been going on for hundreds of years. Child Abuse falls along with violence in the home, drug abuse in the home, poor living conditions, no money, and no work. Now I’m not saying that child abuse don’t come from wealthy people or loving parents either because it does, and it’s sad that our children have to suffer and answer to adult problems. There are all forms of child abuse. Some of the forms are not feeding the children, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse and the list goes on. Most children that are abused as children will be abusers when they grow up into adults, and this cycle will continue to generation after generation. I was a foster parent for many years and I have had 2 generations of abused kids in my home and the scary part is that they all for the most part are related. They are cousins or mom’s boyfriend has kids and they all live together. I have seen firsthand and seen so many hideous things that have been done to innocent children. The saddest thing that I have faced is that 9 out of 10 kids want to go back to that kind of life because they know no different way to live. Some of these kids are so traumatized that they end up having or developing disorders from this abuse. If possible they need counseling and therapy to help them overcome their disorders. This can take years for children to feel good about themselves and learn to trust people. If the kids don’t get any help then they end up becoming violent teenagers, and then they get into all kinds of trouble, by rebelling and acting out towards

others. On the other hand the laws need to get tougher on people that abuse children and not keep sending children back to an abuse home. I know that the law says that they have rights but what about the right of those young children? Don’t they have the right to have a good and safe? life with people that will love them and take care of them? I have battled many times with the system and for the children that were in my home. I guess that is why I ended up adopting 4 children to give them a chance in life and 3 of them have done great for themselves and have even gone to college. ( (www.Wisdom CS, Czaja SJ, Bentley T, Johnson MS, (2012) A prospective investigation of physical health, outcomes in abused and neglected children: new findings from a 30 follow up
AM J Public Health 102: 1135-1144 doi.10.2105/ajph.2011.300636) (www.Cougle JR, Timpano
KR, Sachs-Erickson N, Keough ME, Riccardi CJ, (2010)Examining the unique relationship between anxiety disorders and childhood physical and sexual abuse in the National
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