Child Custody Myths

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Myths Affecting Domestic Abuse and Child Custody There are also myths regarding domestic violence and child custody cases. There is a believe that once parents separate, the child will be less in danger with the abuse parent. This believe could not be further from the truth. DeCapua (2017) stated that an abuser’s motivation to use their child as a means to intimidate and control their victim, their spouse/partner, increases after separation (para. 19). Another myth is that there is no reason for the court to grant the abuser unsupervised contact or custody if the child does not show fear or disinclination toward that parent. The fact of this myth is that a child can develop strong ties with the abusing parent as a means to survive. This type …show more content…
The third myth is that the child will quickly forget about the negative experiences he or she witnessed after the child is separated from the abusive parent. The truth is that a child who grows up witnessing domestic violence are more prone to show the same levels of behavioral and emotions issues as a child who was physically or sexually abused. There is also a great correlation that a child will develop negative attitudes, making them more likely to commit violent crimes in the future. The final myth is that parents who do not commit the abuse will not lose the custody of their child. Because victims of domestic violence are often depressed because of what they experienced, they are less likely to be present for court appearances. Additionally, many women have been known to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which hinders their ability to stay focused and to act as if they do not care. Thus, these opposing myths create more difficulties for individuals who suffered from