Essay on Childcare: Want and Peoples Positive Behaviour

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TDA 2.9 Support children and young peoples positive behaviour
-1.1 Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevent to promoting childrens and young peoples positive behaviour

Every setting should have a behaviour policy. A policy is a rule in which is based on law, there are many policy's in a childcare setting such as behaviour, safegaurding and Health and Safety, these policies are in place to ensure that all staff and children are safe at all times. The behaviour policy shows you how to manage a childs behaviour weather it be good or bad.
A procedure is what is used when you are carrying out a policy, if the policy says that you are not allowed to pick up a child, you do not pick up the child.
Boundaries are put in place in setting for both the children and the staff, boundaries are clear rules that are given to children so they understand what they are and what they arn't allowed to do. For example if you take the children outside to play and you say to then 'don't go on the grass' and they do they are breaking a boundary. If a child crosses a boundary it usually results in a concequence. Depending on what the child done to missbehave depends on what consequence to give, for example if a child hit another child they should have time out for 1 minute for each year of their age but if two children arr arguing over a toy you could just divert ones attention onto something else or show them a way to play together.
To be able to punish/ give a child a consequence you need to be able to commnicate with the child effectivley so they are aware of why they are being punished, what they done to get punished and that they are aware that you do not want them to do this