List Of Questions To Help Determine Celine's Weight Problem

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List of questions to help determine Celine’s weight problem?

Does Celine eats breakfast?
● Reason for asking: Skipping breakfast makes kids more likely to pack on extra pounds because they end up eating more throughout the day.
● Recommendation: Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast in the morning are less tired and irritable during the day, perform better on tests and have longer attention spans. 2.

Does the family eats dinner together?
● Reason for asking: Research shows that kids who eat family meals consume more fruit and vegetables
● Recommendation: Try to eat together as a family at least three times a week. Celine would learned more about healthy food choices.


Does Celine eats while watching TV?
● Reason for asking: Experts say kids eat more when they're watching TV, since they may ignore their bodies' natural cues that they are full.
● Recommendation: Turn off all electronic devices while having a meal


Does the family uses microwavable or ready­to­eat meals?
● Reason for asking: Prepackaged and processed foods may contain more fat and salt than freshly made meals
● Recommendation: Avoid buying frozen foods. Instead do your own meals, and ask
Celine to help you cutting and washing fresh foods.


Does Celine eats fruits and vegetables at meals or snacks?

● Reason for asking: Consuming fruits and vegetables reduces a child's risk of being overweight, because they are filling but not high in calories
● Recommendation: Instead of giving Celine empty calories such as, french fries and candies. Give her fruits and veggies which also taste good.

Does Celine spends more than two hours on TV/video games/computer per day? reason for asking: The AAP recommends kids spend no more than two hours per day

watching TV, on the computer, or playing video games.