Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment Essay

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Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment
|Functional Health Pattern |Toddler |Preschool-Aged |School-Aged |
|Assessment (FHP) |Erickson’s Developmental Stage: |Erickson’s Developmental Stage: |Erickson’s Developmental Stage: |
|Pattern of Health Perception and|Toddlers rely on their parents for|Preschoolers now have an interest of being curious |School age children perceive health as by germ theory,|
|Health Management: |health promotion. Parents should |about the body of the opposite sex. |punishment theory, or external forces
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Problems with caries due to |deficiency anemia, hypertension, due to poor |
| |this causes dental caries. Toddler|intake of sugar, and obesity due to increased intake|nutrition. |
| |should not drink whole milk in a |of fats and processed foods, and decreased physical |School age children with poor nutrition can lead to |
| |bottle since this decrease a |activity.(Edelman,C.& Mandle,2010,p.482) |obesity, and being overweight (Edelman,C. & |
| |child’s appetite at meal | |Mandle,2010, p.514) |
| |time.(Edelman.& Mandle,2010 p.459 | | |
| |) |