China Family Essay

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o family life and population changes China has more people than any other cuntry in the world at over 1:3 bilion people, witch make up almost twenty percent of the world population struggling to spport its huge population and keep up with resoursec the have.china knew it had to do something fast to control it's growth. what china did shocked the world. in 1979 chinese leader deng xiaoping inroduced the one child policy witch meade it ilegal for many parents to have more then one child they could be given fines and pressure to abort a pregnacy there where some expections made for people in rural areas for belonging to minority or ethnic groups, the consequences of this crazy law were totally unexpeted. one of the first things that happend was that all pregant couples began to want male children more than female children, some parents go to the extreme to insure their one child is a boy some couples aborted the female fetuses , while others killed the female infants at birthmany more girls where abandoned at a young age to oprhangaes or even sex slaves the even more stricter in our morden soceitly . now china is is bcoming unbalnced with to many males becuase of the one child policy. even now chinese men are looking overseas for wives and some are even leaving there country altogether china itself faces severe social unrest from tens of millions of sexually frutrated males and chines males looking else where to find a female and aslo givin birth to an alurming imbalance between the sexes for every 100 girls there are 120 boys, this is becuase traditionallly chineses parents have prefered sons becuase they can support them when there parents get old and carry on the family name some couples have turned to uttrasound to qurante they get a male boy the desire the most . Chinese data shows that 13 million abortions are perfomed each year, for an average rate of 35,000 abortions per day about 27.3% of women in their 20.3% of women in their 20's about 27.3million women in ther early 20s had an abortion hunderds of thousunds if not millions of female have been aborted because of the one child policy The econmic ferorms of the last twenty five years has affected chinese women alot, but there have been some major changes in womens roles including more jobs a large and a better education and a sense of independace towards there life and a choice to stay with there husband or not, but there are still some acpets that have stayed the same some still have limted access to polical especially in rural areas where they are still limted across in education footbinding stopped too, foodbinding lasted for centuries in china, Legend has it that a lotus or lily foot slippers first appeared in china in the 11th centuray when empress taki was born with