Essay about Choosing the Right Market for a Cell Phone

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1. What is the total population for each country? Which country’s population is growing the fastest? What is the median age? Why is this important?
Australia total population is 22,507,617 while Brazil’s population is 202,656,788. Australia’s population is growing the fastest at 1.09% while Brazils is only growing at .8%. The median age for Australia is 38.3 years old while Brazils is 30.7 years old. All this information is useful because you want to set up your cell phone market where there is a younger age generation. I say this because all younger people are more tech savvy and an older country wouldn’t have the potential to sell a lot of the new phones.
2. Compare the government types for each country. What type of legal system does each have? Why is this important?
Australia has a common law legal system while Brazil has a civil law legal system. I really don’t think that the government or the legal system would make any difference in setting up a cell phone company or introducing a new cell phone into a new country.
3. Which country has the largest number of cellular phones in use? What percent of the population uses cellular phones? Why is this important?
Brazil out number Australia by a lot with the number of cell phones in use. Brazil has a total 248.324 million cellphones in use while Australia only has 24.4 million in use. 92% of Australia’s population uses cell phones while only 81% of Brazil’s population uses cell phones. This is probably the most important part you would want to look at when introducing the new cell phone that’s why I think this is probably the most important information you could have.
4. What is the real growth rate for the economy (GDP)? What appears to be the trend for the economy? Why is this significant?
The GDP for Australia is 3.5% while Brazils is almost double with a GDP of 7.5%. Both companies has similar trends. This information is important because it can tell you where the