Segmenting & Targeting Electric Car Market Essay

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The electric car or e-Car is a vehicle propelled by an electric motor instead of fuel. Car manufacturers are exploring the possibility of entering the market with the e-Car as a alternative to current vehicles in order to be environmentally friendly and to minimize the consumption of gasoline. Although, the benefits of using the e-Car could exceed expectations it also presents a different type of lifestyle for those who are used to regular vehicles. According to the “New York Times” the e-Car is getting worldwide interest with some governments such as China and the United States even offering tax credits and discounts for those who buy an e-Car. On the other hand, consumers are concerned on whether the speed and battery
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To make a decent marketing campaign for a product like the eCar, things like quality, durability, and mileage are to be taken into account, instead of just a low price tag.Finally, the biggest mistake of all is the lack of focus on potential customer’s needs. Very few businesses have a good understanding of what it is that their consumer needs from them. For an eCar to be successful we need to know who we are marketing it to, and what they want from such a product. If people are going to use it mostly for short-distance commuting, work, school, and plan accordingly.
4. To answer if it would be feasible to sell 200-400 electronic cars every year, let’s start making emphasis on market segmentation, which divide the market by customer profitability and preferences. Also, let’s mention some of the advantages and disadvantages of electronic Cars. The disadvantages of them are: They are more expensive than gasoline and hybrid electric vehicles; Availability of recharging infrastructure; Range and Power; and Space and Performance Issues. The advantages are: Low operating cost; Pollution; Energy efficiency; and Safety Benefits. Now that we all know the advantages and disadvantages of e-cars lets think about North America consumer preferences and profitability. In my opinion, it could be possible to sell them in the future but not now. Power and range won’t be an Issue ever for short-distance drivers; people who will use it to work and pick