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Chris Brown
There are billions of people in this world. Whether living or deceased they all share one thing in common. They come with a story. Chris Brown, the most talked about musician since Michael Jackson has a one in billion story within himself. Found at his father’s gas station by a local production company, made Chris not only a talented singer, but an accomplished actor, dancer, and artist. Although he’s had his share of controversy, Chris has made a huge turn around. My classmates and everyone else should definitely meet him. Chris Brown learned how to sing at his local church choir as a child. In doing so he got his first record deal with Jive Records at only 15. We all remember his first hit single “Run It” in November 2005. Along with singing he’s helped co-write several songs in 2007. These include the hits “Kiss Kiss” and “Wall to Wall”. As an actor Chris has been in movies “Stomp the Yard”, Takers”, “This Christmas”, and his newest upcoming movie “Battle of the Year”. He’s also premiered in the TV show “Suite Life of Zack and Cody”, as well as being the band geek on “The O.C”. In addition to his personal accomplishments Chris Brown is known to be very charitable. He supported the following charities; Aid Still Required, Best Buddies International, Kids Wish Network, and Stand Up to Cancer. According to Chris is handing out financial grants to programs that will educate teens about the importance of art in low income areas. He’s launching the Symphonic Foundation with his own money, funding the project. “Chris has been extremely generous with both his finances and time with the foundation”, the source continued. “This will be one of the most active foundations established by anyone in his generation”. In February 2009, the performer made headlines after being