Christian Response To Black Death Essay

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Christians and Muslims responses to the Black Death were very different. The Muslims and Christians have different views on each other, the plague, and their religion. For Christianity, they viewed the plague as a punishment made by God out of his anger for their sins and plead for his forgiveness. The Muslims on the other hand, take it as a blessing and willingly accept their fate.
Bacteria were widely unknown from doctors and especially the public so the medical knowledge back then was far behind than what we have today. The Black Death is not just one illness the Black Death has three bacterial strains Bubonic, Pneumonic, and Septicemic these strains were in the stomach of fleas which were on the backs of black rats. The Bubonic strain caused
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First one must know what it means to be Muslim or Christian. Christians in hind sight worshiped the Holy Ghost, The Bible (Their Holy Book), God, and accept Jesus Christ as there only savior.. Muslims followed Islam, Islam means “submission to god”. The holy book they worshiped was the Koran. This holy book was the basic beliefs of the Muslims, which were reliant on the “Five Pillars of Islam”.
Christians responded to the plague drastically, which lead to them blaming people, and believing it was punishment by god for their sins and pleaded for guidance and forgiveness according to the quote “What shall we do? Kind Jesus, receive the souls of the dead, avert your gaze from our sins and blot out all our iniquities. We know that whatever we suffer is the just reward of our sins.Now there for our Lord is enraged, embrace acts of penance, so that you do not stray from the right path and perish.” (DBQ Project, Document E)
Muslims responded to the plague as a blessing of god and that a Muslim should accept the divine act this lead to the people going through religious services such as them fasting for three days and assembled in the Great Mosque until it was overflowing with people, they spent the nights in prayer and then after the dawn service they all went out together with their korans joined by the Christians and their bible trying to implore the favor of god. (The Black Death,