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Christianity and Islam were similar and had different in many ways. Christianity and

Islam were similar in the aspects of being fair merchants and buyer in the earlier periods but as time passed they were still similar but differed because it was not always clear what being honest, truthful, and, fair really meant.

During the time period of 620­650 C.E. the Muslim Qur’an which was equal to the

Christian bible had said “..the honest, truthful Muslim merchant will take rank with the martyrs of the faith.” meaning that if you are a good, honest, truthful person you are a good merchant and will have a good result in your afterlife(Doc 2). Christians had believed the same thing as the Muslims in this sense. One of the monks of Durham had said that he was unmarried because he was good at buying and selling. Everything that he did was for god and to service god, not for himself (Doc 3). They were similar because both religions had believed that if you were good, truthful, honest person that meant that you must be a good merchant.

As time went on both Christianity and the Islam religion had become more complicated

with system of being a good person. Later during the time of 1273 the Christians had believed that merchants had to be fair to sellers and sellers had to be fair to buyers. They followed that each of them had to be obligated to be fair to one another (Doc 4). At this time Muslims had also made there system more complicated but in a…