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The expansion of Christianity during the early empire was stunning. In the rise of this new faith AD 100 had roughly 25,000 to 800,000 but by AD 319 the Christian faith had 27 million followers. During this time of age the roman roads were a huge impact on a missionary’s life. The roads made travel both safe and efficient so the word of this new faith could reach new out comers. The Greek language was substantial for anyone of this time. It was very significant if you could communicate with everyone you were teaching.

The persecution in Rome during the Roman empire toured Christians were barbaric. They executed only Christians they could find, they did this buy asking them to worship and praise the emperor and that pointed out who the Christians were. The summer of 64 a fire set of in Rome for six days and 7 nights. Emperor Nero had held accountable the destruction of Rome on the Christians: he had a selected handful put to death. The coliseum was used for entertainment, but to kill Christians they would get lions rallied up and starve them, place both human and animal in the coliseum together and let it go from their. This was all very wretched toured Christian. Hundreds of Christians were tortured and killed by the Roman government, yet more people kept joining the religion.

Emperor Constantine In 306 AD ended the persecution of Christianity. This was an immense thing to be happening after persecution of Christianity. Constantine also gathered the first council…