Christopher Reeve and Superman Essay

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Christophers Reeve’s actions in the movie Superman were not as heroic as his actions after the terrible accident that changed his life. In mean sure, it is very heroic to risk your life to save millions of people from an evil villain. Though what Reeve did after his accident that left him paralyzed is something totally different.
Reeve had a great life as an actor before the accident. He became famous after playing Superman, everyone loved him! He was a star and all seemed well for him. When he got into the accident his life was turned upside down. He went from an actor who did amazing flying stunts to someone who couldn't walk. Accepting this change is already very hard. Reeve put this behind him and went on with his life. This is something very difficult to do. He continued his acting career despite his paralyzed body. This action showed how much he cared about acting and entertaining people. It showed his love for his job and what he would do for it. Only a true hero would face huge challenges to do something they love.
Reeve didn’t let his disabilities judge him. He just worked harder to keep up and continued to work out. When he was faced with this challenge he didn’t let it bother him or make him make him worse. He worked even harder so he could get better. This shows his heroic actions and his courage to keep on working. His hard work paid off. He gained partial movement in his fingers and toes. He let everyone learn from him and inspired others to work hard to achieve the extraordinary.