Essay on Cigarettes: Cigarette and Severe Lung Problem

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Leandro Profeta II
Essay 1

Sally Chen’s passage titled “Smoking is bad for your everyone, so it should be illegal” describes why government should impose that smoking cigarettes is illegal. The author points out that government makes ineffective laws, and they just keep raising the cigarette taxes because they don’t really want to eliminate the smoking problem. Also it affects the non­smoking persons as second hand smoke, Sally Chen stated. Furthermore, Impressionable teenagers are influenced by the smokers. After reading her passage, I agree with everything she has stated that smoking cigarettes should be illegal because it leads the children to unhealthy living. And then it’s not beneficial to everyone.

Cigarettes are awfully harmful to young children who can’t escape from secondhand smoke.

If their family member smokes especially in their house, their children most likely develop ailments or learn to smoke cigarettes. We all know children are remarkably susceptible. They get influenced and affected easily. In Youtube video, I have seen a kid from Thailand. He is probably around eight years old who smoked cigarettes like a chimney. Indeed, he lit four or five cigarettes at the same time. In the video, he seemed he enjoyed smoking cigarettes in a front of camera. Furthermore, he seemed that he already has health problems. That video made me think what kind of father is he to having fun his son who might have a severe lung problem because of the amount of cigarettes he smoked. The father should educate his kid to know what is right or wrong. Chen is right that children are impressionable. They could learn and copy things they think it looks cool.

Tobacco plants might be the most dangerous and hazardous plants because they are

mixed with nicotine and pesticides. First and foremost, cigarettes are already a problem, but to solve the problem; we should solve from the root of the problem. I read an article about farmers getting sick while harvesting tobacco in the U.S. The tobacco corporation