The Pros And Cons Of Smoking

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Should Smoking Remain Legal Today Because of all the Harmful Things they are made of and the Health Risks?
Cigarettes have been smoked by both men and women for a long time now. However, smoking is responsible for the cause of various debilitating diseases, hence the reason why there have been debates on whether smoking should continue being legal. Notably, in the recent times, there have been various calls to illegalize smoking due to its severe effects after the ban of cigarette smoking in public places (Oriola 838). Therefore, smoking has serious health implications for both smokers and second-hand smoking hence the need for the government and relevant agencies to consider making cigarette smoking illegal.
For a long time now, various persons have contradictory opinions concerning the aspect of allowing individuals to continue smoking regardless of its harmful effects.
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Ultimately, smokers have the freedom to do whatever they want to do with their health, but they are supposed to respect the people who are not smokers. Apart from setting aside smoking places for smokers, this approach is not really practical. In that, the air conditions and heating do not prevent carcinogens well enough since the smoke finds way and drifts into non-designated places. Nonetheless, as long as public smoking is still allowed, this will continue to cause significant problems for the environment. People need to understand that smoking in public place is an act of polluting the air and it damages the health in numerous ways. In that, air pollution can cause several forms of respiratory illness. For instance, when non-smokers take in smoke in an enclosed place can create severe health conditions such as developing heart problems (Cao et al., 10). Therefore, the most effective method is implementing a smoke-free policy since this will send a very firm message about the need to protect