Cigarettes: Tobacco Smoking and 50 -year-old Man Essays

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Cigarettes should be illegal. In recent years, millions of people are under tremendous pressure, there are a lot of ways to dealing with stress. However, Some people choose cigarette smoking which is such a harmful ways to relieve stress if they are smoking to excess. Cigarette smoking damages the body gradually in a number of different ways. Cigarettes should not be legal, because cigarette is such a strong addiction, it also can cause people losing self-control, destroy their mental healthy, cigarettes absolutely do not save families any money. Cigarette can be badly affected the people whom are not smoking cigarettes and in healing smoke from cigarettes. First of all, cigarette should be illegal because it is a strong addiction. Imagine this: a pauper he only have 10 dollar in the pocket, he would rather buy many cigarettes as he can than buy the food to eat. He choose cigarette smoking in spite of starvation. Does this seem right? Of course not! People lose self-control, it’s the hallmark of addiction. Why try to make cigarettes be illegal? This idea is supported by testimony from a 50-year-old man who was addicted to cigarette over 30 years. His story was was reported in website of March,2007, and he said “I hate the i am addicted to cigarettes. I wish i never started. Why not just ban it”. Clearly, cigarettes should be illegal that can reduce that population of people addicted to cigarettes. Next, Cigarettes smoking is not only harmful for those who smoke, but also those who stand near them. Is it fair to prevent the people from quitting cigarette by making them smell the chemicals of cigarette in any public place ? For example, Parents who