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Cinderella Man
Cinderella Man was a really great movie. It really focuses on how even though before the Depression, life was good, and how men would do anything for their families. Jimmy was a very well known boxer before the Depression hit. Then, his hand broke and after a mediocre fight, his boss decided to revoke his boxing license. Money started to get really tight and the power was even shut off. Despite the struggles, Jimmy found a way through perseverance, to fight back, literally and get his family out of a tight situation.
This movie portrayed the Great Depression as probably the worst thing that happened in the late 1920’s to early 30’s. You can see fathers moving out on their families, kids sent to distant relatives because parents didn’t have enough money to support them. You also saw people moving to Hooverville’s and how dangerous they actually were, how kids would have small portions of food and the parents wouldn’t really eat. Seeing Jimmy give up his food so that his kids can eat more and how hungry he was throughout the day really shows the struggle of The Great Depression.
This movie wasn’t really about boxing because Jimmy couldn’t fight for most of the movie. Jimmy had to find ways to get work on the docks, get relief money, stand in soup kitchens, just to bring home money for his family. Cinderella Man is about a man that would do anything for his family, a man that brought hope to America when he fought his way from the bowels of the social classes to the top by just persevering.
Cinderella Man was mostly about a man fighting through the Great Depression while trying to feed his wife and children and keep a roof over they’re heads.
The message of the movie is to “Don’t ever give up”. Jimmy didn’t give up on his family or boxing. When Mae wanted to send the kids off, Jimmy refused to allow it. Jimmy wanted to show Harold, Jay, and Rosie that he wasn’t going to