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D. Of these features, which ones differentiate us from the competition?
Small Classes- most colleges have much larger classes
Hands on – Our hands on experiences are like none other and it allows for our students to get first rate experience in the business world.
Non-Profit - Since our school is a non-profit organization we can minimize pricing being able to make our programs more affordable.
Credits – We offer 4 credits as to 3 credits which make it quicker for our students to acquire the necessary credits to acquire their degree – we are able to do this by only offering the most necessary courses that will benefit our students greatly.
E. What improvements can we make to our offering to better meet customer needs?
We can offer certification courses that will open up a new market for our school. Our qualification courses will be based on Concentration Core courses.
Microsoft office certification
Creating more hands on Projects – Financial Statement Projects /Balance Sheet Projects that will make The Accounting Program more exciting. The projects would involve the students to actually reviewing real accounts having to dress up take an interview producing all the necessary documentation that states they can do the job they are trying to acquire and going through loads of paper work and receipts and completing the project.
More computer classes with real world experiences Excel /Word / Internet /PowerPoint – Today’s modern business world is not being done in handwriting everything is done on spreadsheets also the accounting isn’t done on paper anymore let’s move forward pushing students to learn accounting and also do it the way they will be required to do it in a real accounting office “Peach Tree”
Business Internships where students will be able to manage and get firsthand experience on the job. We are currently trying to negotiate an agreement with Home Depot.
Excel/ Keyboarding/ internet/ Word / PowerPoint/Professional Strategies/Public Speaking should be mandatory classes that must be completed before even attempting Accounting, Business Principles, Basic Marketing, and Small Business Management. This will allow the students to present and complete the project the way they would have to in a real company.
Project Management should maybe the ones who organize graduation or even most if not all of the events that our school has this will give them real world experiences and also make their course and classes more interesting.
E-Business we should incorporate a E-Business course since most businesses now have an internet based business

F. What new offerings would our customers most like us to develop? I think our customers would most like us to develop the business certification courses because they are short and it will offer the exact courses our customers are looking for.

Messages a. What does each of our identified target audiences know and believe about us today? We understand the skills that are required of business professionals in today’s world.
Leadership, solid communication, planning, and problem solving are the fundamentals you’ll learn in our Business Program. b. What is the single most important message that we must communicate to ALL of our target audiences? We are here to help. Our small classes and dedicated teachers are here to gear you towards success. c. What evidence can be used to support the claim that we make in our single most important message? We have some of the best faculty members, who are willing to go the extra mile to help each and every student with whatever obstacle they come across. Our classes have no more than 12 students in them so each student gets more focus. Our teachers work with the students, coming in even when not assigned to come in and assistance is offered continuously

f. What happy clients do we have today that we can reference in our communications?
* How did you hear about City College? I drove by.
What was your…