Civil Rights Movement Achievements

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The Civil Rights Movement
The achievements of The Civil Rights Movement improved the economic conditions of African Americans. The Civil Rights Movement was a mass movement to secure the rights for African American to have the access and opportunity to do and have that many others have. The The Civil Right Movement started around the 19th century it lead through the 1950s and 1960s.Many events happened during and after the the Civil Rights Movement. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a major part. There was also the Little Rock Nine which was also a major event in the Civil Rights Movement. The Emmett Till murder, Brown vs. Board of Education, New Orleans school integration were also other big events that happened also.. Many things effected and
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She sat in the fifth row-the first row that black riders were allowed to use under the bus company racial segregation rules”(The Montgomery Bus Boycott 93). The Bus Boycott was sparked by the arrest of Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. Rosa Parks was an African-American woman who refused to get up and move seats on a Montgomery city bus for a white male. Rosa Parks is known as¨the mother of the civil rights movement”for doing what most women did not have the courage to do.Mrs. Parks was then arrested for violating segregation regulations. As a result of this happening, the African Americans refused to ride public transportation until this issue was fixed and they could sit wherever they …show more content…
He played a role in the montgomery Bus Boycott. “ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the young reverend that was asked to lead the bus boycott. He truly set the tone of the non- violent resistance. He rejected hate and violence,and embraced self-respect and love. His most powerful influence on this movement was as a result of the speeches he gave every week at the First Baptist Church. He inspired the African- American people to fight for their freedom in a way that didn’t destroy the dignity and he carried out with justice and peace. The purpose of having him in our simulation is to simulation is to symbolize his leadership and impact on the success of the boycott. The people of montgomery were strong and determined to boycott the busses. Dr.King held their spirits up with his contagious enthusiasm, allowing them to stand together. From this, they were able to create a positive change in the way society treated them that would impact history”(Moulton, Aryn,Nichole Phillips,Sabrina Styza, and Sandy Gonzales). “ Approximately 40,000 African-American bus riders the majority of the city’s bus riders boycotted the system the next day, December 5. That afternoon black leaders met to form that Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA). The group elected Martin Luther King Jr., the 26-year -old- pastor of Montgomery’s Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, as