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“If anything can go wrong, it will, at the worst possible moment” Murphy’s Law

Welcome to the world of computing! Murphy’s Law may not have been written with technology in mind but it certainly applies to computers, printers, cables, and disks. I know that from time to time, you will encounter problems doing your computer assignments. I also know that problem solving is an essential skill to develop in order to be successful in today’s technological world.

This is a project oriented course. You will need to bring a flash drive and your text book to every class. Assignments/Projects are posted on MOODLE. You will be working on your assignments/projects during class time, not homework for other classes. Assignments/Projects are due in MOODLE and the printed work handed in at by the end of class on the day that the project is due. You have computer class every other day. It is very important that assignments are done in a timely fashion and that work missed due to absences is made up.

Please review the class policies with your parents and sign the attached sheet.

In order to encourage the development of good work habits, the following class policies have been established.

No Food/Drink Allowed
Classes are held in the computer lab. Food and drinks are not permitted in the lab.

Late assignments
1. 10% of an assignment’s point value is deducted for each late class.
2. All assignments are due by the end of class on the due date.
3. Assignments that are more than 9 classes late are no longer accepted and a zero is averaged in.

It is the student’s responsibility to come to the teacher on the day she returns to school in order to find out what work was missed and what assignment is due by the next computer class. Please advise me of an extended absence so that special arrangements can be made. There is a computer teacher available for extra help after school each day. A teacher will be in the Math/Computer office or in the Computer lab.

Handing in assignments
Printed assignments must be handed directly to the teacher at the end of class on the due date. Assignments may not be put in a teacher’s mailbox as per school policy.

Being prepared for class
Each student is expected to bring a flash-drive and textbook to each class. Assignments are saved to the student’s flash drive, not to the lab’s hard drive.

Working together
This is a hands-on course. To reap the benefits of a hands-on course, assignments need to be done by each student.

Academic integrity
Academic integrity is taken very seriously. For example, should a