Classification: Sociology and Friends Essay

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Khanh Do Phuong Phan
Rob McGirr
ENG 113.1003
Sept 25, 2012 Friend Classifications
Friendship plays an important role in our lifes. We all have friends and surely some friends we have met may stay in our lifes forever, whereas some might not remain in our minds as time travels. We meet, interact, and walk the path of life together through ups and downs in which at some points, come understanding, respect, and, of course, trust. As an international student, I am luckily to say that I have many friends in my life. My friends can be categorized into three main different types of friends, according to how special they are in my life: best friends, social friends, and acquaintances.
A best friend is the one who has the most impact in my life. When we speak about best friend, it automatically comes into our minds that this word stands for someone who always is there when we needed, someone who share our happiness and despair, someone who will definitely listen to our long talks unconditionally, or giving you the most useful advices when you needed. Well, this definition is partly true to me and it also means that I can be my-true-self in front of her, without much usual social norms needed. This basically means that I can act hysterically; discussing about the most inappropriate humor; speak about my bare thoughts or even the most nonsense things without much hesitation. Moreover, I also share about the deepest secret in my life without worrying since I truly understand that, she is the trustworthiest person I know. She understands me more than enough so that she can even read my thoughts without I am confessing to her. Most importantly, I think best friends are the ones who you wish to walk with you till the end of your path of life. Always standing next to you when you fall and helps you to get yourself straight up.
Social friends are the second group of friends that I have the most interaction. They are the one who come to my life at one point of the time, they might still be there, help me through my troubles, but something in us that do not swirled together which different with best friend, they drift apart from my life as time travels. However, in some circumstances, they might be the one who I interact everyday and yet everyday interaction could brings us through ups and downs that heighten our friendship to an upper level, which is best-friend. Social friends help me to improve in studying and sharing things about school or at work. They are also the ones who I am having fun and playing around. I usually talk with them about