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I have had some accomplishment which I was proud of but there’s one I remember like it was yesterday. It was back in 2002 when I was 12 years and still in school back in Netherlands where I was raised. I was in year 8 similar to year 11 in this country and was about to go to College. There were 3 classroom and they were all in year 8 and the teachers were going to have a singing competition between the 3 classrooms. At first I was a bit skeptical but I give it a shot. Ten people entered the competition 3 from my class including my best friend and a girl, three and four people from other classrooms. The rules were similar as the X factor where one person gets eliminated every week and the competition would roughly take 2 months. It was hold every Tuesday in our classroom. The prize money was €50 Voucher which was a big deal at the time.

The following Tuesday the compettion had started and I was the 3th person to sing as I stood in the middle of the classroom were eyes gazed at me I became nervous but I pulled my act together and started to sing a Dutch song and after people had voted via a paper and put it in the box. I manager to get through to the next round. As a month and 2 week had passed by there were only three people left in the competition inlucding me and my girl classmate both alive and kicking. Unfortually my friend got elimted in the fourth round.

The top three had to sing English songs for the remainender of the completion. Back then my English was quite good and I did my rehearsal at my home with my Cassete recorder. I sang “its my life by Bon jovi” The three remaining act were standing in the middle of the class surrounds by classmates and we were all holding hands. As the host was about to reveal the results there was total silenece in the class and the first name he read out was my classmate, everyone appuplauded for her including me as I was happy a classmate was still in the race and she was probally the best performer of the night. Two remaining act were left but we of course didn’t hold hands we just smiled to each other. The host said: and the person whos gonna leave this tournament is… he read out the other performer name and he just shook hands with me. There were lots off boo’s and cheering going on.
Next week was the big final and its was just me and my classmate. We were both winners in the eyes of everyone regardless the outcome. I actually wore a suit this time and I sang the song Anyone Of US by Garreth Gates which he won at POP Idol in the UK back in 2002 and she sang Bootylicious by Destiny Child. As I