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According to scientists from New York stem cell foundation laboratory, the first prosperity in using the cloning technique which it was on dolly. Stem cell has a lot of benefits which able to treat diseases, such as diabetes and spinal cord injury by change the old with new one. Some researchers show that SCNT can use to change the genetic material of an egg cell with the DNA from a mature cell like a skin cell. In 1996 the first animal cloned was Dolly. After that, scientists did a lot of researchers on many kinds of animal, such as cats, dogs, and mice. However, scientists have been trying for more than a decade to access solution to mach the human eggs and skin cells to merge in the right way to generate stem cells, but they could not attain the answer. As the scientists point in the article whether the human egg was even capable of creating stem cells in this way or not. In 2004 one of the scientists in South Korean tried to find answer, but he did not find a new result. In New York there are researchers in nature based to that the result is very close to reaching to making SCNT with human cells, but it is not perfect. On the other hand, there is something very important that is“the human egg does indeed have the ability to reprogram a mature skin cell back to an embryonic state.” Dieter Egli is one of the best researches in stem cell who researchers began with 270 human egg cells, and he added the DNA from skin cells of each of the donors. As a result he could found the two stem cell lines. Egli says,The main point is certain factors in the egg’s nuclear DNA that are required for the creation of stem cells. For example, It may be possible to use other types of mature cells besides the skin cells. According to Alice “many efforts to study SCNT in human cells have been scrapped simply due to a shortage of egg cells.” Therefore, it is important to be this technique very Deliberate. In 2009 New York become the first state to compensate women for donating eggs for research purposes. This had many problems, such as shyness form doing the test. the Empire State Stem Cell Board oversees New York $600 million to do the research program on stem cell, and compensation who donate eggs for stem cell research in the same way donors are paid for providing ooctyes to fertility clinics. Sauer notes also that compensation is crucial because receive quality eggs. On the other hand, some Other programs did not pay donors, so they were forced to shut down when women failed to volunteer because they did not pay for the woman. However, we do not know if the technique will prove to be the best way to regenerate tissues to treat disease or not because there are only two human stem cell trials that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration involve embryonic stem cells obtained. In addition, there is a new way which involves neither eggs nor embryos, but it does not work because they need to make sure about the result first. Daley says about the new way which involves neither eggs nor embryos“Understanding how eggs reprogram may allow us to make iPS cells even better.” Finally, we did not find a answer for stem cell, yet we are close to develop the ides in the long term of this research.

Maybe I or someone I love will die because of a gene patent which should not gave to who control it. The companies which started using a gene patent to halt research which block the medical testing, According to the article, the gene patent keep the data form you and your doctor. The patent affect on deadly diseases because it is slowly; plus, it is really expensive because the company that own the patent will control the idea, and no one provide same this invention. This is weird situation caused by government because they do not have money and staff. However, all the humans share the same genes, and we found same genes in same animal as will. As a result, the gene patent does not creating by human, it made by the natural world, so