Essay on Close Encounters of the Third Kind: A Review

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“Have you recently had a close encounter?” quote from David Laughlin from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Well everyone who has ever seen the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind has had their own close encounter of some kind. Written and directed by Steven Spielberg and Produced by Colombia Pictures in association with EMI Films. Colombia Pictures the same year is credited with the production of four other films which include Bobby Deerfield staring Al Pacino, The Deadly Triangle staring Dale Robinette, Fun With Dick and Jane staring George Segal and Jane Fonda, and last but not least Confessions from a Holiday Camp staring Robin Askwith. Although Colombia Pictures was credited with five productions in the year 1977 no …show more content…
Threw a very profound style of storytelling we as the viewer are able to get a completely different feel from the movie than we could have ever gotten from any other type of director. Steven Spielberg uses the narrative of following Roy through out the entire film, showing his journey from a simple electrical lineman / father / husband to an alien crazed fanatic who willingly gives himself to the aliens at the end of the film. Though the use of this narrative sounds familiar the way that Spielberg uses the cinematography, dialogue, sound, and design of the film to bring forth the classic Spielberg look and feel. Some of the strengths that come out from this narrative is that it lets us get much more in depth with the characters. Take for instance soon after Roy’s first encounter with the UFO where he receives his “sunburn” he begins to have visions of a mountain of sorts. Its one thing to have visions of a mountain but then to start creating it over and over in sculptures and sketches shows the mental strain on not only the main character but also his family. Not only dose Spielberg use his divine storytelling techniques on Roy but on all the characters of the film. Gillian is shown as more of a pessimistic character in the way she treats the situation revolving her sun Berry. Shown in the way she reacts to 5 him running away in the middle of the night and once he