Cloud Computing Essay

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Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing Many people use sites such as Amazon, Google Docs, and Facebook every day. These are all examples of cloud computing. Cloud Computing is the use of different networks that use remote servers to share data, media, services and other resources. Cloud computing has been around longer than most people realize. To understand cloud computing more, we will cover the history of cloud computing, the advantages of cloud computing and the future of cloud computing. Firstly, we will begin at the beginning. The history of cloud computing goes further back than most realize. Information Technology states that “Cloud computing is a term that essentially refers to the delivery of services to communities of users over the internet, instead of via a data centre located in the same building” (2009). Cloud computing has been around since the nineteen sixties. Many companies have used small networks through server consolidation for their businesses for a long time. During this time it was referred to as utility computing. The term “cloud computing” was coined in 1997 by a man named Ramnath Chellappa. After that cloud computing rapidly grew. In the late nineteen nineties cloud computing skyrocketed, companies began to switch their databases to servers rather than hard drives. This allowed for them to run more efficiently. Another areas that it really grew was online sites such as Amazon. Amazon is a website that utilizes cloud computing to sell products from various sellers to consumers. There are many advantages to cloud computing. Marks and Lozano stated that “many of the target benefits of cloud computing are agility, flexibility, faster time-to-market, and cost savings, biggest being more cost efficient than other options” (2010). Cloud computing less costly than other options because companies can set up a cloud and store files, media, and applications all in the same place for the entire staff to find in one place that can be accessed by everyone one that the company allows. Another advantage of cloud computing is that it is more accessible. It is easier for a company or individual to access their files from multiple devices. As long as you have a password you usually have the freedom to have access from a phone, computer or tablet. This allows users versatility and to not be stuck using only one device, or having to transfer data via USB drives or other methods. Thirdly, another big advantage of cloud computing is the fact there is not need to download hardware or software for most applications. This allows for more versatility and more freedom and speed to just download an application and it just be that simple. Before when people bought hardware and software they had to worry about the entire process of making sure the correct drivers where downloaded and updated. This could be quite a time consuming ordeal. Cloud computing makes this process easier and faster. Finally, The future of cloud computing looks extremely promising. Experts predict that the future holds better security online. Another prediction of the future is that they believe that the use of clouds will be optimized on mobile devices such as cellular phones and tablets. Finally Experts believe that the cost will continue to lower. These are all promising predictions for the future and Cloud computing. In conclusion, cloud computing has been around for longer than most people realize and is