Essay on Coaching For Improved Work Performance

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Coaching for Improved
Work Performance
How to get better results from your employees.

Believing the Right Things
„ Purpose:

learn how to be more successful as “manager” of people

„ Specifically:

to learn how to get better at face-to-face interventions = COACHING

Management Coaching Concepts

Assessment – Where you are now
Understanding Behavior
Improving Communications
Coaching Analysis
Problem Resolution
Your coaching system
Employee Performance Review

Performance Assessment
„ List

all employee performance issues that come to mind

„ What

would you say is the root cause of these issues?

„ How

do you currently handle performance issues? Measuring Performance
„ How

do you measure employee performance? „ How

do you measure your performance
“managing” your people?

„ What
„ How

is your definition of management?

/ when did you become a manager?

„ What

type of “management” training have you had? What was the emphasis of that training? What is Management?
“When you do things yourself you are a technician, when you get things done through others you are a manager.”
Lawrence Appley
Former President
American Management Association

What is Management?
Getting results through others

“Management is a system of interventions, things you do to get things done through others.”
Ferdinand Fournies

When Did You Become a Manager?
„ When

you started your business.

„ “Entrepreneurial

– Myth”

business owners are technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure

„ Most

“Managers” Role
„ To

get results through others

„ How?

– Clear Direction
– Documented Systems
– Developing employees
ƒ Education and Training
ƒ Mentoring
ƒ Coaching

What Makes Companies
Perform Well?
Based on 2007 McKinsey research, they found the one winning combination:
ƒ Accountability - clear roles for employees
ƒ Direction - a compelling vision
ƒ Culture - an environment that encourages openness, trust, and challenge
Nothing else came close in improving performance

Coaching and Mentoring
Is there a difference between coaching and mentoring? „ Define


„ Define


Coaching and Mentoring
„ Coaching


– Purpose: Behavioral focused

„ Mentoring


– Purpose: Goal, life, and career focused

„ Most

important part of the coaching process? – Face-to-Face meeting manager and employee

„ Weakest

part of the coaching process?

– Face-to-Face meeting manager and employee

Manager Interventions
„ People

management (or coaching) is a collection of interventions having a causeeffect relationship on employees.
– Pilot making course corrections on way to final destination
– Sports coach adjusting the game plan to win the game

Why Managers Fail as Coaches
Doing vs. Managing
„ We

are used to frequently changing roles between doing things and getting things done through others can fail because too much doing and not enough through others

„ We

3 Facts
Management is the intervention of getting things done through others.
2. You need your employees more than they need you.
3. You get paid for what your employees do, not what you do.

You succeed only when your people succeed

Management Performance
„ Based

on the success or failure of your people You succeed only when your people succeed

„ What

about poor performance caused by inherent limitations?

Self-Destructive Behavior
(or limiting beliefs) you have any self-destructive behaviors? „ Do


few examples:
ƒ Doing what comes naturally
ƒ Do not recognize people as business resources
ƒ Belief in self-development
ƒ Not fully appreciating the cost to replace employees Employee Replacement Cost
„ Do

you calculate the cost replace someone before you fire them?

„ What

does it cost to replace an employee?

Motivational Theories
„ Hierarchy
„ Theory

of Needs

X and Theory Y

„ Satisfaction

and Dissatisfaction

Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction


Company Policies