Coaching: Need and Players Essay

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We all have had coaches we have enjoyed playing for because the way they coach and act around the team. We have also had coaches who we couldn’t get on the same page with that coach. I have always liked coaches who have the players back but also want to get the best out of us. I have been lucky to get coaches like this throughout my high school career. If I were a coach today I would be a players type of coach. I would want to know how the players are feeling about what we are practicing. Ask them what they think they should improve on and then I would tell them what I think. I feel like the best way to get on the same page with your team is to talk with the players. When I have been on teams that haven’t done well most times the coach has a philosophy of his way is the only way. To be successful you need to get your players to buy in the system and getting their input about what were is key to me. I love to win. I hate losing in anything. I want to win every game I’m part of. When I do coach I’m going to coach to win. I do not believe in running up the score on any team. If we were winning big I will put the bench players in but I also want the bench players to play 100%. I want the bench players to get a feel of playing but I also want them to get the feel of playing their best during the game. If one of the bench players isn’t going 100% if we were up by big or down by alot its going to be next man up. I feel overall my coaching