Cognitive Development of a 5 Year Old Essay

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Cognitive developmentChild: Luke Jackson Present/Observed (Oct. 24th, 2012)Observer: Bernique Pinder | Skill | Yes | Not Yet Able | Comments | Names a range of shapes | X | | Completed | Names a range of colours | X | | Completed | Sorts objects easily into alike groups | X | | Completed. Although some objects were classified with some assistance | Orders objects according to size | X | | Completed | Counts up to 20 objects, touching each one (rational counting) | X | | Completed | Retells events in sequence with detail | | X | Details are sketchy and only supplies information when prompted or questioned | Completes puzzles | X | | Completed with assistance | Listens to told story without props | X | | …show more content…
He speaks clearly on the whole, but still not using some sounds correctly, e.g. say ‘th’ for ‘s’ or ‘w’ for ‘r’. He asks ‘Why’, ‘When’, ‘How’ questions and ask what words mean. He is eager to tell long stories which to me are partly true and partly made up. He is interested in questions and argues and gives his own ideas about things. He knows a few nursery rhymes which he can say, repeat or sing. Similarly, to Luke’s physical development his cognitive develop is also maturing at what theorist would say is a normal rate. According to HDEV upon reaching the age of five a child should be rapidly expanding his vocabulary. It is evident that he is beginning to think intuitively but still somewhat selfish. As mentioned before, currently, he is speaking in full sentences that vary in lengths and purposes. He enjoys watching television shows about super heroes and cars and planes and he spends large amounts of time, up to 15 minutes, telling me all about them. Luke’s cognitive development in the area of language has a lot to do with the fact he is inquisitive and seems to enjoy learning. According to Rathus Spencer and the developmental checklist of widely held expectations, a five year old should be able to count and should be drawn to letters and sounds. Luke demonstrates a love of reading and will often ask to go in the reading corner. Additionally, by playing games like Snakes and Ladders