College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Pharmacist

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Pharmacy is an interesting and ever- evolving field in our today' s world. An especially fascinating aspect of this profession is the wide spectrum of opportunities available. A variant and versatile degree as a Doctor of Pharmacy,the possibilities of my future growth are exciting. However, I believe in the fact that it is imperative for me to examine my motivations before I deliberate over my choice of career. My interest in Pharmacy as a profession is rooted in my desire to be involved in the improvement of other people's health and alleviation of pain, to be knowledgeable in the various topics pertaining to health care, and to possess the means to fully explore my potential through a meaningful career. My college years of higher education …show more content…
It is important to me that I have a passion for whatever path my life takes. Since I have control over that path, I am choosing to pursue a career that will provide my life with both meaning and satisfaction. My potential to excel has always been apprehended in my life academically. I plan to continue to challenge myself with the rigorous Doctor of
and in the future with the demanding pharmaceutical profession.
Also,I'm the only girls who dreamt of becoming a pharmacist in my whole family , I also know if I hadn't moved to United States, I would have been forced to drop out of school and forced to an arrange marriage as that's what's practiced in Pakistan among women .I continuously worked my best toward pharmacy career while working at a fast food restaurant to support my family financially and attended school , despite being diagnosed with hepatitis C and my fathers disability which prevented him to work. i never thought of dropping out of college because, I still considered myself fortunate enough to be living in USA, where I at least have the opportunity to work hard and make a bright future and not just spend a life like my mother