College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Pharmacist

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How I Fell for Pharmacy
I grew up in a society where certain professions were more valued than others. Naturally, like most kids, I was in awe of those top professions and desired a degree in one of them. My fickleness as a child was proved when I wanted to be a doctor, then a lawyer, then a business woman, then a microbiologist. It was as a teenager that I realized that those infatuations were influenced by society and the people I was surrounded by. It was not until I decided to go to pharmacy school that I truly realized just how important, but undervalued pharmacists are by the society. My personal, educational, and professional background, have not only made me fall in love with the profession of pharmacy, but have made me realize the
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Pharmacists take the time to explain the possible side effects of taking specific drugs and combining them with others, they ask questions to ensure that people do not abuse drugs or take the wrong medication. A few years ago I developed stomach ulcers and one of my doctors later confessed that it was brought on by one of the medications he had prescribed. Doctors do not really have the time to fully explain the consequences of taking medications, and it was particularly worse in my country because at hospitals and even some pharmacies it was not necessarily a pharmacist that dispensed medication and some drugs were counted into bottles which means that they did not have the precautions that came in the original packages. Even when people buy medications with the packages, most do not take the time to read the whole print because of the font size and the length, but pharmacists have the resources to brief them on the important points. The fact that some people are ignorant of what drugs can do to their bodies is what makes them abuse most drugs, but with pharmacists who raise their awareness the abuse might not be obliterated but it ought to …show more content…
In high school, I had to take every single subject until 10th grade and I joined several clubs. Some of these classes and clubs might seem like they have nothing to do with the professional degree I am pursuing, but there are certain things I learnt from each of them that I believe that will help me as a pharmacist, particularly patience and hard work. I started working at Corporate Outfit Ltd. a few years ago, and even though I was never actually paid, I did not mind because I learned a lot from the job, my co-workers and the customers. This experience coupled with my high school experience taught me to respect people better and be blind to age, race, religion, culture, political beliefs, and socioeconomic status. It helped me realize there was something to learn from everyone. As a pharmacist, I am guaranteed to encounter people who are completely different from me, but my experiences will help me interact with them and have a chance to communicate with them better without bias or prejudice, which is important because pharmacists have to be people that patients can trust and according to Pharmacy Times, pharmacists are the second most trusted